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Meeting 3 and
Small Workshop 3

OUR DIGI SPACE 3rd Transnational Meeting
04-05 February 2020
Bagoeira Hotel, Barcelos
Kerigma - Instituto de Inovação e Desenvolvimento Social de Barcelos, Portugal 



Partners presented at the 3rd meeting

DGLLL – Nuri Özgür ÜNAL
KERIGMA – Nuno Aldeia, Natália Correlo
APEC – Yıldırım Özkaya
PRSC – Renata Jankeviciene, Irmantas Adomaitis,
NARA – Emre Çelik
UOM – Vasileios Dagdilelis 



The 3rd transnational meeting of the project OUR DIGI SPACE was hosted by Kerigma, Portugal from the 4th to the 5th of February 2020. The venue of the meeting was at the Bagoeira Hotel in Barcelos. Agenda was divided into two parts, Day 1 and Day 2. The agenda items were adjusted when the natural development of the discussion among partners required it.
The main goals of the meeting were:

• Review of the Scenarios Based Guideline: weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and potential for implementation;
• Update of the Dissemination Plan and Exploitation;
• O2 - Online Learning Platform: current status; timeline for content update; presentation of its gamification features – how will they be implemented and developed?; plan to assure 100 users during the project practice and 5,000 users after the project;
• O2 – “My Digi Space” e-learning platform: work plan for the output and deadlines; division of tasks amongst partners; feedback from partners;
• Panel Discussion;
• General state of play of the project;
• Update of the project timetable and partners feedback (transnational meetings, newsletters, panel discussion,…);
• 3rd newsletter – proposition of themes and brainstorming with partners;
• Workshop: each partner describes their experience with the project; their expectations and suggestions for improvement 


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