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Kick-off Meeting 

OUR DIGI SPACE Kick Off Meeting
28-29 May 2019
Gordion Hotel, Ankara
Directorate General for Life Long Learning, Turkey 



Partners presented at the kick off meeting: 

DGLLL – Zeynep Meriç Özgür, Halime Avcı, Nuri Özgür Ünal
KERIGMA – Nuno Aldeia, Natália Correlo
APEC ¬– Teksen Cansızoğlu, Yıldırım Özkaya
PRSC – Renata Jankeviciene, Irmantas Adomaitis
NARA – Zafer Karadayı, Emre Çelik
UOM – Vasileios Dagdilelis*



The kick off meeting of the project OUR DIGI SPACE was hosted by Directorate General for Life Long learning, Ministry of National Education and APEC Education Consultancy, Turkey from the 28th to the 29th of May 2019. Venue of the meeting was at Hotel Gordion at Ankara. Agenda was divided in two parts, Day 1 and Day 2 of the meeting. New items have been added into the agenda during the meeting when partners considered them necessary. After meeting on the first day Social dinner was organized for all participants from project partner’s institutions. Because the beginning of the project has been delayed for 5 months and NARA has been replaced with University of Maribor, which was a part of the partnership structure during application time, this meeting was very important for healthily execution of the rest of the project.

The main goal of the meeting was:
● To re-introduce general framework, objectives, activities, outputs of the project
● To make a new project timeline in order to compensate 5 months of delay
● To discuss how we are going to deliver intellectual outputs
● To introduce our new partner NARA to the consortium
● To introduce quality assurance and dissemination plans
● To reallocate tasks related to the project management 


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